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POCO’s current highest-end offering, the POCO X3 boasts quite a few numbers, be it either with the 120Hz refresh rate of the panel or the giant 6,000mah battery onboard. While there’s a 120hz panel onboard, POCO has optimized the device to bring the refresh rate down to 60hz when there aren’t applications that could utilize the higher refresh rate. However, thanks to the folks over @XDADevelopers, users can now force 120Hz constant refresh rate on the POCO X3.

POCO’s optimization with the software controls the refresh rate using what it calls its Dynamic Refresh Rate feature, which intelligently adjusts the display refresh rate to maximize the battery life. Users have found a way to disable dynamic refresh rate and hence keeping it at a constant of 120hz. Yes, this will bring an impact on battery life, but however, in case you’re interested in taking complete utilization of the high refresh rate panel, here’s how to do so:

How to Force 120Hz Refresh Rate on POCO X3:

poco x3

  • Before proceeding make sure to download the below-listed applications and files that will be required in the process later.
  • Now, bring up the terminal application and run the command: “su“
  • Moving on, type in: “props”
    • Here, from the list of options, choose option number 5 stating “Add/edit custom props”
  • Choose n stating for “New custom prop”
  • Next up, type in the below-mentioned command:
  • Here, the default value will be set to true. Change it to false.
  • Next up on, choose 2 “post-fs-data
  • Choose n,  but choose to not reboot yet.
  • Additionally, type in the following line:
  • Once again, the default value would be set to true, indicating that Dynamic Refresh Rate is enabled. Change it to false to disable it.
  • Finally, choose 2 “post-fs-data
  • Reboot your device and now it will be consistently running at 120Hz.

That said, are you worried about battery drop with this method? Do let us know by dropping a comment down below.

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