LG G8X Thinq | Dual Screen : The most feature rich foldable smartphone

A few days ago, I shared my personal experience with the LG G8X thinq and shared how it helped me get more productive thanks to its Omni-tasking capabilities. Today, I want to share with how the G8X Thinq Dual Screen by LG is the most feature foldable smartphone. Yes, Dual Display’s are a thing now thanks to the advent of foldable devices in 2020.

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But what sets the G8X Thinq apart is its on-demand dual display feature. It’s there when you need it and you can easily remove it if you don’t need it. One screen or two, you decide! Unlike other foldable smartphones with dual screens, you are not forced to use two screens when you don’t need to.

LG G8X Thinq | Dual Screen : The Unbiased Blog

With full compatibility and support for an added dual screen, you get to keep all your options wide open. For example, if I’m going for a jog then I don’t need to have two screens. Simple – I remove the other screen and leave it at home and still keep a track of my work out on the 6.4” OLED Fullvision™ display. And thanks to the concealed advanced fingerprint reader I don’t need to worry about accidental unlocking of my smartphone.

Once, I’m back I can watch YouTube and read the news at the same time by attaching the dual-screen while having my breakfast 😊

LG G8X Thinq | Dual Screen : The most feature rich foldable smartphone

Well like I mentioned in my last experience post, there is no limit to what you can do with the LG G8X Thinq: Dual Screen smartphone. It’s a true blessing for the smartphone generation as they don’t even need to open their laptops now. Work, Gaming, Photography, Reading, Music, Videos, Video Calls all are taken care of by the G8X Thinq.

Honestly, I am wondering why LG didn’t call it the Triple or 3 Screen Display smartphone? Believe it or not, the LG G8X Dual smartphone has another screen apart from the two screens. I’m talking about the 2.1” Display on the Cover that lets you peek at essentials. A quick glance at the cover display allows you to seamlessly view the time, notifications and messages even when the phone’s folded.

LG G8X Thinq | Dual Screen : The most feature rich foldable smartphone

But it isn’t just about the display or design, the LG G8x Thinq Dual Screen is a complete package with Meridian Stereo Sound, 12+13MP Primary cameras, 32MP selfie camera, IP68 certified Water and Dust resistance. As a matter of fact, it has also passed 14US military tests, granting it US MIL-STD 810G compliant.

And believe it or not, you get all this for under INR 55,000/-

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