Similar to Instagram and Facebook stories, Whatsapp also does offer a story like feature called Status. However, if you would like to view the status of someone without them knowing, that is maintaining your privacy, there’s a way to do so. In this post, I will guide you on How to See Others Whatsapp Status without letting them know.

How to See Others Whatsapp Status Without Letting them Know

There are situations where one might want to check someone’s status and not let them know – just as it may happen on Facebook or Instagram, and there’s a simple way to do it: which involves: Read Receipts.

All one needs to do to keep your profile from jumping up on someone’s status checked list is by turning off the Read receipt option available in Settings. Here’s How to do so:

  • Open Whatsapp, Head over to Settings.
  • Navigate and select on ‘Privacy’ options
  • Next, turn off the Read receipts.

With the read receipts option off, now if you check someone’s status, the person at the other end will not be able to see your name on the list of people. That was easy, wasn’t it?

It is similar to turning off Read receipts that removes the double blue tick from your messages, but it also disappears for all your chats and you don’t get to know if others have read your messages or now and the same also happens for WhatsApp status.

Additionally, If you turn Read receipts off, you won’t be able to see who all have checked your status. Now, that’s on you to decide what’s important to you and then take the leap. Yes, it’s as easy to undo it as it is to do it. One can always go back into your settings and turn on Read receipts for things to return to normal. Here’s a simple hack, toggle the Read receipts off every time you want to see someone’s status and not let them know, next, turn it on after 24 hours.

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By Yash Jain

I write about Tech while cracking stupid jokes.

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