Whatsapp Notifications

instances, notifications from Whatsapp can be overwhelming, and one cant just uninstall Whatsapp for that, nor turn off the internet connection as new messages won’t arrive. Instead what one can do is stop the notifications from arriving on the smartphone. Think about it. Since the pandemic has started, people have started using their smartphones much more than ever, either for online classes or just casual talk. This post will guide you on How to stop the annoying notifications to appear on the smartphone.

Stop Whatsapp Notifications

  • Open the WhatsApp application on your smartphone
  • Head over to More Options.
  • Next move to Settings >Notifications.
  • Toggle off the option stating Show Notifications under the Message Notifications section.
  • Toggle off the option stating Show Notifications under the Group Notifications section. This will disable all message notification from group chats.
  • Alternatively, one can also toggle the Show Preview button off. This would disable the preview of those messages, with this you wont even know if a message has arrived unless you go into the application.

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