Who knew that world will be jolted by the Pandemic and we would experience a new way to live, adjust to the New Normal, and find ways to keep safe?

Well the good news that we as human race quickly responded the situation and started working on ways to keep ourselves safe. Be it keeping the mask on, maintaining social distance or washing/sanitising our hands at regular intervals. We also made sure that we are either washing or sanitising anything or everything we use – Vegetables, Currency, Packages, Phones, Newspapers. The list is practically endless as we have to sanitise each and every object we come in contact with.

Though it’s a good habit to sanitise each and everything by spraying sanitiser on it or keeping in the sun for days. But none of the existing ways were easy or efficient. Most of the time it was a mess sanitising large amount of packages, loose currency notes, wallets, phones etc. And how can one be even sure if the Sanitiser we are using to spray on object really is working? I mean most of them available in the market are new companies and have industrial usage and names. It’s not like a hand sanitizer where you can buy a bottle from your trusted brand approved by IMA.

I for one hate those blue industrial sanitizer bottles as they are harsh on the skin, damage the wood, leather and even leave marks on devices/gadgets. My coffee table has a blot because a drop of Sanitizer fell on it. My wallets leather has lost its sheen due the chemicals in the sanitizer. So how can one expect someone to use it for everything.

And that’s when I started looking for a faster, safer and more full proof ways of sanitisation. Lucky me that I found this AEVA UV SANIPRO which looks like an oven and has dollops of space to sanitise multiple objects at the same time in minutes.

So how does it work?

Well it may look like a traditional oven, have similar timer controls but it does its magic with UV-C (Ultraviolet C) rays to disinfectant just about anything. I’m sure there are so many question in your head right now – Are the UV rays are safe for humans, what will happen to my skin or eyes? What if we get exposed to UV-C rays while sanitising something? How do we know if this thing really works?

To be honest you are not wrong in asking these questions. It’s a new thing for most of us, yes you might have seen a UV box at the doctor, a salon or at a bank. But deep inside you always thought it’s just for the sake of it. But the fact of the matter is that UV rays are nature’s way of healing and cleaning the earth. And yes UV-C rays are dangerous but if used in a controlled environment and at a low pressure then it’s safe. And AEVA UV SANIPRO aims to do just that – give you clean, virus free objects in minutes thanks to its four 11 watts UV-C lamps. And with a massive 40 litres of space (the most any UV steriliser provides) you will be able to sanitise most of your stuff in one go. You do have an option of setting time in intervals of 3,6,9 and 12 minutes. But for most of the objects you will only need to set it at 3 minutes to kill 99.9% of germs.

Talking about the safety features, the SANIPRO comes with auto cutoff if someone accidentally opens the machine while it’s on. In terms of built quality, it is built like a tank and you feel it every time you open the Lid to put something in it. That said, this is the most sturdy and spacious UV sanitising unit you can buy in the market. And that too without making a hole in your pocket.

At 10,990, the AEVA UV Sanipro is a must have investment that you should make for your home and office. After all it’s a life saving device for you and your family just like that water purifier and air purifier you have installed at home.

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