Google India has released some important Safety Tips for parents. So that this year, everyone can have a safe internet day.

Parenting was extremely challenging especially in 2020 due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Families have to understand new habits like social distancing, wearing masks, and frequently washing their hands. As large parts of our everyday lives walked online, with online learning. And as it became the main aspect of schooling for children, it is necessary to teach them to take precautions as well.

Parents have always been concerned about the digital safety of their children. Recent researches show that parents with children attending school online were more concerned about online safety. Then the ones who were attending the school in-person.

Some of the tips that parents could follow for Internet Safety are mentioned below-

Protect their digital identities-

The privacy and security of their children’s information was the top concern by most of the parents. Parents told about the concerns around scams or hacking of their child’s accounts. It is recommended that parents teach their children how to choose strong passwords that cannot be easily guessed. And avoid simple passwords that use names, birthdates, or even some favorite cartoon characters.

Know who they talk to-

Social isolation is a difficult outcome of the COVID-19 pandemic, and many children connect with their friends online. Whether through the different messaging apps or voice chat while playing games. Parents need to be aware that these channels are also used by strangers to reach out to their children. Just as in real life, it is important to be aware with whom our children talk to online.

Offer appropriate content at the appropriate age-

The fear of children, encountering inappropriate content has been long among the top concerns of parents in surveys. There are many family safety features that parents can easily use to guard their children against content that may not be suitable for their age. In India, our survey showed that 71% of parents are currently using online family safety features. Parents are recommended to turn on SafeSearch, start using Family Link, and even ask their children to use Youtube Kids app.

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