Instagram is one of the most habituated Social Media apps in recent times, a lot of young people have also begun to utilise this app. So ahead of the Safer Internet day, Instagram has initiated a Parents Guide in India. The Guide is aimed at helping young people to be safe, by informing parents about all the safety features that exist on the platform.

Commenting on this launch, Dr. Rajana Kumari, Director of the Center for Social Research, said, “Our Children are living a very active life online today, and it seems to come naturally to them. Firstly, parents need to accept their child’s online presence. Secondly, they need to provide a safe space where the child feels comfortable enough to share his/her struggles and ask for help/support. Finally, parents need to update themselves in ways they can actually be of help to their children. The updated Instagram Guide for Parents is a very responsible step towards this direction, and we really appreciate it.”

The Parents Guide is a resource from Instagram, which is available in many countries, to provide parents with a better understanding of the changing digital world. It would act as a conversation starter with their children, as it would provide information about the tools that exist to keep their children safe on Instagram. This year, the Guide has inputs from key organizations working actively on the rights and safety of children most of which include, Center for Social Research, Cyber Peace Foundation, Aarambh India Initiative, Young Leaders for Activity Citizenship, It’s Ok To Talk, and Suicide Prevention India Foundation.

Talking more about this Guide, and what it does. It takes into account all the new updates on Instagram, which include ‘DM reachability controls’, that gives creator and business accounts, the control to choose who can message them on Instagram and who can add them to groups on Instagram Direct. Another feature is ‘Bulk comment management’, which gives users the option to delete comments in bulk, as well as block or restrict multiple accounts that post negative comments. There are others too like ‘Support Requests’ and ‘Emails from Instagram’.

Well with that said, do let us know if you have any queries about this new Parents Guide, by dropping a comment down below.

Madhav is a Tech Enthusiast and a Gamer. He also writes for The Automotive Blog, where he covers Auto related news.