Lenovo has announced the Smart Clock Essential in India, which will extend its smart home solutions. This new Lenovo Smart Clock Essential is a digital smart clock designed for every room in the home.

Commenting on this launch, Pankaj Harjai, Director – Tablets and Smart Devices, Lenovo India said, “With an intent to bring comfort and ease in the busy lifestyles of our millennial consumers and families, we strive to design the most innovative and advanced smart home devices. Today, as remote working becomes the new normal and homes turn into office spaces, we are confident that the new Lenovo Smart Clock Essential will be a smart addition to any room in the house. This is a big design upgrade when compared to our previous smart clock which was specifically styled for bedrooms. With a new look and a wide range of smart features like voice-controlled built-in Night Light and Google Home Assistant support even in Hindi, the Smart Clock Essential is a mainstream and affordable device, specifically for owners of smart home assistants who are looking to upgrade their clocks to a smarter and more compact clock.”

It builds as a bedroom, Smart Clock as well. This Smart Watch Essential also extends the same hands-free, time-saving convenience to the rest of the home. It delivers full voice support with Google Assistant and is Lenovo’s first smart device. To support Hindi language commands.

More on the watch now, it is an intelligent digital clock, that is designed to help users save time. There is also an ambient light sensor present, that allows viewing from any angle or any brightness, and with the Google Assistant support, it makes household stuff much easier. This also comes with an alarm clock support that can be assigned by using buttons to set the alarm also in addition to voice. It can also be a useful night-time companion with a built-in light. That helps people walk around without bumping into things. It comes with an integrated USB port to charge the devices overnight.

The screen of the watch also features smart alarm suggestions based on the next day’s calendar events. As well as sunrise alarms that gently wake people by gradually increasing color and brightness before ringing the alarm.

Moving onto the price of this Lenovo Smart Clock Essential. It is available in Soft Touch Grey color and it comes with a starting price of INR 4,499. It will go on sale at midnight on 19th February 2021. And available across Lenovo.com, Flipkart, and will be later available in Lenovo offline retail stores.

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  1. This is a good performing smart clock 2 by Lenovo which comes equipped with a mediatek superfast chipset. Nice launch.

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