IWD 2021

March 8, International Women’s Day, a day to celebrate the social, equality, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. A day that we should celebrate each day and give women the love and respect they deserve. I have always been very vocal about the love, respect and equality that women deserve and how it should be celebrated each day. But since there is a day dedicated for us to express we love and care for the women in our lives and around us we shall not miss out on that.

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Each year, I tweet; post a story or share something mentioning the superwomen I have come across in my life. So this year is going to be no different apart from the fact they this year all of them are virtual and live in a place called Apple Arcade. Yes, you read it right!

Today evening when I opened the Apple App Store, I was welcomed with a splash page in the Arcade section – Arcade’s greatest heroines.

The heroines of Apple Arcade are bold, complex and powerful.

Alba from Alba: A Wildlife Adventure advocates for nature preservation.

Alba: A Wildlife Adventure

The Hunter in The Pathless fights evil with precision shots from her bow.

Jenny, a brilliant young detective, sharp-eyed, intuitive and a ruthless pursuer of the truth. ‘Jenny LeClue – Detectivu’

Kai in Mutazione forms unexpected bonds with mutants while caring for her ailing grandfather.

Maria, a globe-trotting antique restorer helps the people of Bellariva to restore their beloved possessions and personal lives. ‘Assemble with Care’

The fearless Stela overcomes daunting challenges, treacherous terrain, and gargantuan beasts while traversing a decaying land. ‘Stela’

These are the women (albeit virtual) that define International Women’s Day with their unmatchable characteristics. So we take this liberty to wish Happy International Women’s Day to and from Alba, Estra, Jenny, Kai, Lina, Maria, Stela and other superwomen of Apple Arcade

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Apple Arcade, the game subscription service from Apple that gives you access to 100+ games, Ad-free and no in-app purchase, access online or offline, play them across Apple devices at any time and share them with up to 6 family members.

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