The Indian smart TV market is deluged with new and existing OEMs. The competition continues to get tougher as each player strives to bring something very unique to customers, be it a new display technology, audio experience, or better control. However, the brand that provides all these features at the lowest possible price, stands the best chance to win the game. Two such brands leading the smart TV universe are iFFALCON and OnePlus.


Here’s a quick comparison between Iffalcon’s 43K71 (4K TV) and Oneplus’s 43FA0A00-(FHD TV) let’s find out which is superior:


The OnePlus comes with an advanced Gamma Engine for real-time video optimization and 93% Colour Gamut for producing excellent visuals. The iFFALCON, on the other hand, offers much more than this. The TV provides Dynamic Colour Enhancement, Micro Dimming Technology, and 4K Upscaling for a truly immersive and optimized viewing experience without compromising the quality factor.


In terms of audio, both the brands support Dolby Audio, but what makes the iFFALCON outshine OnePlus is the integration of powerful speakers. While the OnePlus comes with 20W box speakers, the iFFALCON sports 30W stereo box speakers for premium sound quality, making it the winner among the two competitors.


The OnePlus Connect, which is the brand’s in-house app to allows users to connect and control the TV via their smartphone. Quite an amazing feature but already old and obsolete. The iFFALCON offers the same feature by the name MagiConnect, but what makes it superior is its unique hands-free voice control element that the OnePlus lacks. The hands-free voice control feature enables users to play and watch their favourite shows, movies, or open apps using direct voice commands to the device.

Smart inter-connectivity

The OnePlus offers multiple connection ports to allow users to play video games or watch anything on the TV by connecting it with any other device. IFFALCON has these offerings, too. However, iFFALCON also has a unique smart inter-connectivity feature called AI-IN, which enables users to connect other smart home devices to the TV and control all of them together through the TV.

Other features

The iFFALCON supports 10 regional languages, which means users can navigate and watch the top shows in 10 different languages as per their need. The OnePlus, on the other hand, doesn’t offer any such feature, making iFFALCON a better choice, once again. Both the brands offer a huge pool of content options to users in association with leading OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, etc.


The OnePlus TV is priced at INR 25,999 (2K/FHD), while the iFFALCON comes at INR 26,999 (4K/UHD). But iFFALCON wins the race because of its multiple offerings, much more than that of OnePlus, also the price difference is negligible. There is no doubt on the capabilities of the OnePlus, but if you look at the overall features as well as the price factor, it somehow takes the backseat and iFFALCON here goes a huge step ahead in terms of technology and affordability.

So, what did you decide?

After going through the aforementioned analogy, it must be clear which brand is superior, how and why. iFFALCON is certainly roaring high and is highly recommended to those looking for a smart 4K LED TV at this range. Ultimately you get to enjoy 4K at a price of 2K. So, what are you pondering over? Visit the nearby store or get to any e-commerce portal to grab one and revel in the world of unmatched entertainment like never before! It’s already available on Flipkart, soon will be available on Amazon.

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