Spotify now allows playing Music, Podcasts on the Facebook app. Reports say that Facebook had planned to launch several audio services. These include Clubhouse-style live audio rooms and also a way by which users can play podcasts and music too.

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Spotify says that this new feature, that partners with Facebook is actually rolling out in 27 markets, including the US and Canada. They have also said that the additional markets would soon follow in the coming month.

The Spotify Premium users would now be able to access full playback without advertisements and without leaving the Facebook app. As for the Premium plans, Spotify now has a lot of different options when it comes to prices. They have introduced a lot of different plans, so users can choose between the plan they want.

The plans start from just Rs. 7 for a day and can go up to Rs. 199 a month for the Family plan. There are a total of 4 plans for users to choose from. They include the Mini plan, for a day of a week, then there’s the Individual plan for Rs. 129 a month. There are also plans with support for multiple accounts too. Those include the Premium Duo and the Premium Family plan.

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