Reddit is reportedly working on its own Voice Chat feature. Since the successful launch of the Clubhouse app, a lot of apps have added support for Voice Chat. The apps and platforms that now include Clubhouse like voice chat feature are – Twitter, Telegram, Discord, and even Facebook.

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Commenting on this Reddit had said this in an announcement in August, “The new experiment helps create a framework that allows us to add ‘nice to have features for subreddits,” further adding, “We are starting with a few handpicked features and expect to add more as we get input from you and the communities that have opted in to our early testing.

If this Voice Chat actually comes, then Reddit’s “power-ups” banner, an initiative that was launched by the company last year to experiment with new subscription-based features specific to individual subreddits could be used here.

In the initial announcement of Power-Ups, Reddit has listed several examples of these features. There were features such as the “ability to upload and stream up to HD quality video,” “video file limits doubled,” and “inline GIFs in comments”. These Subreddits benefits can unlock these perks after enough of their members purchase monthly power-up subscriptions, with just the minimum limit for each community. It would actually be looked up depending upon the size of the community.

With Voice Chat also coming to Reddit now, we can say that this is something very big. After Clubhouse has introduced this new feature, the concept has blown up and day by day we are seeing new and new apps on the same. Also, a lot of developers are adding this feature to their current apps. Recently Telegram also launched Voice Chat 2.0 and more information about it can be found from the link mentioned below-

Telegram launches live Voice chats 2.0 for unlimited participants

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