Here's how to sign up for the pre-registration of Battlegrounds Mobile

Battlegrounds Mobile India has been announced, Pre Registrations will start soon. going to be the PUBG Mobile India that was teased for a long time. After PUBG Mobile got banned in September last year, the game saw multiple rumours that it would be coming soon back in India. However, those were all rumours and they never actually happened.

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But this time, the company has changed its username and URLs from PUBG Mobile India to Battleground Mobile India on several platforms that include YouTube and their website.

Battleground Mobile India has released a press release, and they have also listed new privacy policies for players under the age of 18-

  • For users below the age of 18, there would be parental consent needed to confirm that one is legally eligible to play. Verification is done by providing the mobile phone number of the parent or guardian
  • Users below the age of 18 are restricted to play the game maximum of 3 hours each day
  • The user below the age of 18 is limited to 7,000 INR for in-game purchases and services.

Currently, there is no official announcement until when the game will be available, but the Pre Registration could go live on the Play Store soon. This also makes a lot of questions, like what will happen to all the Tournaments which were happening.

Battlegrounds Mobile India said that now instead of all the International tournaments, there will be India based tournament, as this game would be exclusive to India only. While it is not completely sure, but according to rumours, users can get their PUBG Mobile Global IDs back.

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