Google photos have been my favourite part of the Google ecosystem for a lot of years. It is also available in Apple devices such as iPhone or iPad and also has been accessible to PCs and laptops. This data backup service allowed us to automatically upload photos & videos to the cloud for free and without a limit on storage with very few obvious limitations i.e, Photos shouldn’t be greater than 16 megapixels & videos must be 1080p resolution or lower. It was one of the easiest ways people have ever found to sync data from smartphones. The iPhone users usually ditch the iCloud upgrade storage; Google photo was bliss for every user out there. Google Photos free storage is ending tomorrow. Unfortunately, ‘Google Photos’ free high-quality storage is being shut down from June 1.

But the Good news is if you are a Google Pixel owner starting from Pixel 3a, Pixel 4, Pixel 4a, Pixel 4a 5G, and Pixel 5, you don’t need to worry about any of this.

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On June 1 2021, Google is coming up with this new policy which intends that any new photos or videos you upload will count towards the free 15 Gigabytes of storage that comes with every Google Account. With this article, we are enlisting about the alternatives of Google photos where you can backup your data. But before that, you need to find an estimate about the photo storage you have been using.


Google Photos free storage

Box bundles 10GB of free cloud storage which can be used for backing up your photos and memories. It works as Same as Google Drive; you can access offline files and folders and can share humongous files by just sharing a link. This app can be remotely accessed through desktops, smartphones and tablets. It offers some other perks as well which includes file security, real-time search across folders and documents, supports for almost a hundred partner apps that can help to edit the pictures as well.


Degoo is a cloud service provider which designates 100GB of cloud storage free where you can store your memories like photos, videos and documents. This cloud storage works on zero-knowledge encryption which ensures that your data will remain secure from data breaches. It holds the automatic backup option just like Google photo which backups immediately as soon as you capture photos and videos. The files can be remotely accessed and restored to any device. This service provider lacks active data sharing and flashes some advertisements(in the free version) which somewhere pulls it off to be the best cloud storage platform as of now.


Google Photos free storage
JioCloud is a cloud service by Jio Platform Limited which bundles 5GB of cloud space as soon as you sign up into the app with your existing Jio Number or E-mail address. This app provides you with up to 50GB of free online storage through a referral program. It also holds the same features as others which include remote access, easy sharing of data through links and automatic backing up files. The only fact that makes this app awful is to increase storage through a referral system which may not be liked by every user.


Google Photos free storage

Microsoft OneDrive is a free online storage platform by Microsoft which bundles free space of up to 5GB for uploading your data like photos, videos, documents etc. The 100Gb plan costs you around 130rs per month and Rs 4,899 per annum. This cloud service has some benefits like sharing files through a shareable link, easy search and auto-backup as well. It also comes with app support for PCs and Macs.

Amazon Photos


Amazon photos provide unlimited photo storage to those who have prime membership of Amazon and 5GB of limited storage to those who are non-Prime users of Amazon. Being an Amazon Prime Member comes with a lot of additional benefits like 2 days shipping for free, free two hour delivery for grocery products, prime video, prime music, prime pantry and many more

NOTE:- Amazon photos are not launched in India yet but it is about to arrive in the next few months.

If you’re looking for some more alternatives apart from these, then you can check out iCloud, Dropbox and Asus Web Storage.

Well with that said, do let us know your opinions on this post Google Photos free storage is ending tomorrow. Here are some great options for storing your photos online by dropping a comment down below. 

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