Reports claim that Apple Watch can get a blood sugar monitoring feature. According to the report, the new Apple Watch Series 7 could feature various new health sensors to measure blood glucose, blood pressure and even alcohol levels too.

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As per an SEC petitioning for the UK startup, Rockley Photonics has uncovered a critical relationship with Apple, that may bring about the presentation of glucose checking capacities to future items. Rockley Photonics is a UK-based organization that is associated with planning sensors for observing blood utilizing infrared light. The sensors are supposed to be fit for checking blood glucose and alcohol levels, which is regularly conceivable utilizing clinical or particular hardware.

The current generation of Apple Watch includes a lot of sensors in them I.e, There are metrics such as heart rate, but if the device gets updated with sensors for measuring blood glucose levels, it could become a game-changer. Rockley’s CEO Andrew Rickman has stated that this anticipated technology that is developed by the company will be in consumer products by 2022. However, he did not state whether the technology will be present on Apple products.

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