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Zepp Health gets ranked in the top 4 global adult smartwatch shipments. With self-owned brands like Zepp and Amazfit, they were ranked as Top 4 in terms of global adult smartwatch shipments in the first quarter of 2021. Apart from this, the brand was also being ranked as No. 1 in Brazil, Russia (28.9%) and Spain (23.5%), followed by Italy and Poland taking 2nd and 3rd position as per IDC. There are reports that say, Zepp Health sold over 1.65 million Zepp and Amazfit smartwatches in the first quarter. 

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They said in a press statement, that the popular Amazfit Fashion and Lifestyle wearables such as Amazfit GTR 2 and GTS 2 series of smartwatches and the Outdoor Sports series including the Amazfit T-Rex series, were one of the major sales robust even in the current market condition.

Amazfit has been doing great in the smartwatch segment, as they are selling a lot of smartwatches this year and adding a lot of features too. They rolled out a new feature Zepp application – Sleep Breathing Quality, in August 2020 and it allowed users to monitor their SpO2 when they are asleep to help them calculate their sleep breathing quality score while establishing good sleeping habits at the same time.

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