Twitter for Android now allows users

Twitter for Android now allows users to Log in with their Google Accounts. This new functionality is already a part of the latest beta update, and will also be soon avalible for the regular app. While we are not completely sure about this, according to some reports, Twitter would soon bring this feature for its users on iOS too.

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Instead of Signing Up with the regular method, users would now be just able to use their Google account to either sign up or Login in to Twitter. This feature can be very useful as at times users would just need to click a button and they would be login in to their Twitter accounts. While this feature is available for Beta users, you need to make sure that you are on the latest Beta Build or else this feature won’t work.

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Another thing which users need to know is that if in the past, the account has already been linked to their Google accounts with their Twitter accounts, then the app will simply log in to their profile without the need to enter their password if the same Google account is logged in to the smartphone. This new feature makes the login very seamless and even better as no entering of passwords would be required.

Furthermore, as said before this feature is also being made for the iOS version so in the near future, we can expect the iOS users to get this feature too.

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