Gamestacy partners with GetSocial

Gamestacy partners with GetSocial to promote a Safe Social Gaming Experience. They have built, an AI technology to fight online toxicity in their efforts to create a more inclusive gaming community. The indie studio strives to create a fun as well as equal gaming world, and each of their products has a significant role in striving to make the gaming sector gender-neutral.

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Danish Sinha, The Founder of Gamestacy, said, “Ever since childhood, I have loved playing video games. I was so intrigued by the concept that I started building them but one thing that majorly caught my eye were the challenges faced by gamers in the online world, mainly regarding abusive texts while gaming. Gamestacy’s partnership with GetSocial and Bodyguard aims to curb down the abuse and harassment in video games while making it a fun antisocial community.”

According to them, with the new integration with GetSocial and Bodyguard, it would benift the gaming community that is not only enjoyable but also ensures a safe gaming space to gamers. GetSocial’s community platform is used in Gamestacy’s suite of products to create highly social experiences and connections that bring in fun and entertainment to all gamers alike.

The partnership with the two companies comes at a time when it is supremely pertinent to have in place a reliable system that can contribute towards effective moderation of the gaming community. GetSocial’s software is built with features that will empower Gamestacy’s products with the ability to let gamers connect and engage in a guarded gaming community.  Further, Bodyguard artificial intelligence system can fathom the barrage of comments daily posted on games and main social platforms, removing toxic and potentially harmful ones for users. This initiative is remarkable in preventing in-game abuse or harassment, which is otherwise so prevalent in the gaming industry.

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