Realme Wireless Mouse and USB-C Adapter Spied along with Realme Book Slim. The brand has confirmed that they would be launching their new Realme GT devices on 18th August and there have been multiple rumours that the Realme Book Slim could also be launching on the same day too. Now according to a photo that got leaked, the brand is also planning on launching some new accessories that would be for the Realme Book Slim.

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Along with the Realme Book Slim, they could also be launching the Realme Wireless mouse although we are sure that the mouse is going to be a Bluetooth mouse as there were no Mouse Dongles connected to the Realme Book Slim, which is seen in the picture itself. 

Realme Wireless Mouse

We can also see that there are two USB Type C ports, one of which is charging the Realme Book Slim while the other port seems to be some kind of adapter in white colour. This could be a multipurpose Adapter which Realme might as well bundle with the Realme Book Slim. There is no clear answer to what ports the Realme USB-C adapter could have, but considering Realme is going the MacBook Air way and the laptop is expected to come with very few ports, there could be a few USB 3.0 ports and a normal USB Type-C port as well. 

Realme Type-c Adaptor

The specs of the Realme Book Slim have also been leaked and it is said to be coming with a 2k Display and that too will be a 3:2 display as confirmed by the brand itself. The laptop would be powered by an Intel Core i5 11th Gen and for the GPU, it sticks with the Intel Xe Integrated Graphics. It could get a 54Wh Battery and also support 65W Charging.

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