Sony launches their new "X-Series" range

Sony launches its new ‘X-Series’ range of wireless party speakers. These new speakers include SRS-XP700SRS-XP500, and SRS-XG500, powered with Mega Bass and Live sound. Sony says that the new X-Series range of the speakers is specially designed to provide a powerful and wide-spread sound to compliment any genre of music. Whether one is listening by themselves or with a group of friends, the new X-Series speakers match everyone’s style.

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As for the features that these new speakers offer, they come with innovative X-Balanced speaker units with Mega Bass and Live Sound Mode for an enhanced music experience. The brand claims that they come with a long-lasting battery life of Up to 30 hours. These speakers are also Waterproof and Dustproof with IP66 and IPX4 ratings. As it is Bluetooth compatible, users can use it for seamless streaming of their music collection. It also comes with Music Center and Fiestable and users can even use it for Karaoke and as a Guitar Amplifier.

Sony SRS-XP700

Sony SRS-XP700

The Sony SRS-XP700 is mainly suited for giant parties and boasts an ample amount of battery hours with the benefits of IPX4 water resistance which means unwanted rains won’t interrupt the party music. This speaker is the result of combining various speakers which includes rear and front High-efficiency tweeter and an X-balanced speaker to deliver an Omnidirectional Party Sound with the blend of deeper bass and clear vocals. With its brand new implementation of ambient lighting, it emits different light patterns which look appealing and soothering and spread unique energy to the party. With 25 hours of battery life, Sony SRS-XP700 can even last longer more than your party.

With the features like Quick charging, this speaker can play up to 3 hours of music playback with just 10 minutes of charging. The Party Connect, this speaker can connect and sync music from almost 100 compatible sony speakers for more audio ambiance. It bundles 2 USB Charging Port to power up your smartphones when they’re running low on battery. For easier accessibility, it holds off a handle which is convenient for migrating it from one party to another party. Thanks to the Symmetrical speaker unit, this speaker can be positioned horizontally and vertically and the speaker will optimize the sound experience according to its orientation. 

 Sony SRS-XP500

Sony SRS-XP500

The Sony SRS-XP500 is a perfect combination of versatility and pleasant sound, coupled with various party features with a little underpowered battery comparing to its sibling SRS-XP700 which lasts for 20 hours of music playback. With the features like Quick Charging, this can last up to 80 minutes of music playback with 10 minutes of charging. It has an IPX4 water resistance which can easily survive on drizzling. The framework of tweeters and woofers turns into delivering a crisper surround sound experience with punchy bass and clear vocals which makes it a clear fit for the house parties. It also cribs a lot of similarities from SRS-XP700 which includes ambient lighting, two USB charging ports for juicing the smartphone, party connect, a symmetrical speaker unit, ambient lighting, and X-balanced speakers to offer Omnidirectional Party Sound.

Sony SRS-XG500

Sony SRS-XG500

The Sony SRS-XG500 offers an X-Balanced Speaker unit, passive radiators for more emphasis on bass, and high-efficient tweeters to onboard a powerful sound that can easily stand out in outdoor parties. The speaker unit which is present in this ensures that it offers a louder sound with punchy bass and crystal clear vocals. The tweeters offer a spacious and crisper sound experience on a high frequency. Along with IP66 water and dust resistance, this speaker is ready to face off accidental water spills and dust. The all-new ambient lighting on the outlining of the speakers illuminates subtle lighting which looks adorable and can be used on daily basis. On a full charge, this speaker can last up to 25 hours of music playback claimed by the brand. With 10 minutes of quick charging, it can offer a music playback for 3 hours. With a comfortable handle grip and 5.6kgs of weight, this speaker can be carried along wherever you go.

As for the availability, these new speakers by Sony will be available from 10th August. While for the pricing, the SRS-XP500 Speaker is priced at Rs. 26,990. While the SRS-XP700 Speaker is priced at 32,990 and the SRS-XG500 Speaker at Rs. 32,990.

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