We all grew up learning that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. But, in this modern world, it’s the Apple Watch that keeps doctors and ailments away.

While an apple a day helps keep the doctor away. It’s the Apple Watch that keeps you healthy both mentally and physically. We all know that Apple Watch does many things and is the smartest of them all. But it was my recent life-saving experience that changed my outlook towards the Apple Watch from a smart, fitness and health companion to much more. 

Those who don’t follow me on social media would have missed my Apple Watch Series 7 post and how it warned me for Covid-19, days before it happened.

Be it lifestyle-related illnesses, stress, or something as deadly as COVID19, Apple Watch can warn about it all. In my case, my Watch Series 7 warned me last week that I had an Elevated resting heart rate, and I knew something was wrong. I had no symptoms, none at all. No itchy throat, shivering, headache or anything else. All I knew was that my body was fighting something alien that had breached my immune system.

And 48 hours (2 days) later, I was shivering, had a fever and had a splitting headache. And no, it wasn’t the Delhi winter flu we all suspected. It was way too strong than the regular flu. But luckily, I had started my precautionary medicines before time, all thanks to the Apple Health warnings. That helped me get rid of the fever, shivering and headache in a day.  

The Apple Watch works as an additional (read modern and scientific) immune system keeping you safe at all times. So now let’s visit all the health features that Watch Series 7 comes with:

  • ECG/EKG app
  • Heart Rate notification
  • Heart Rate Variable (HRV)
  • Cardio Fitness (VO2 Max)
  • Respiratory Rate (breaths/min)
  • SpO2 or Blood Oxygen Level app
  • Mindfulness
  • Fall Detection
  • Sleep
  • Cycle Tracking (for women)
  • Handwashing
  • Hearing 
  • Fitness Activity – Move, Exercise, Stand


These are over a dozen holistic health features that the Watch Series 7 has. Users can also install a plethora of 3rd party apps to get even more out of their Watch. The amount of computing power and sensors this tiny computer on our wrists has baffled me. And with each year, Apple is adding newer sensors and features while retaining the size. 

Since the pandemic started, the engineers at Cupertino have added the ability to detect, time and remind about handwash; the ability to track SpO2 or Blood Oxygen levels at all times. And also added features like unlocking an iPhone paired with Apple Watch without removing the face mask. All these sensors and new features got added when there was a need to monitor these aspects.  

Whether it is your heartbeat, ECG readings, Mindfulness, reminders to stand, exercise or sleep, the Apple Watch along with the Health app does so much to keep us hail and hearty at all times.

Hence, it is not wrong to state that the Apple Watch has become an antidote for modern-day health problems and a great fitness companion.

So this Heart Month, February 2022, let us pledge to invest in an Apple Watch for yourself, your family or a friend. 


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