Types of Smartphone Cameras Explained

Smartphone cameras are getting better day by day. In recent times, smartphone cameras are becoming as good as digital single-lens reflex cameras if not any better than them. Now, we get to see high-resolution cameras in the latest smartphones along with multiple sensors. So, in case you are wondering what do these different types of lenses do in real life? Well, you are at the right place as in this article, we have explained the different types of smartphone cameras.

Types of Smartphone Cameras – Explained

Wide-angle Camera

A wide-angle lens is the primary camera sensor of a smartphone. It can be found in all types of smartphones and we primarily use it to click most images. It is also worth mentioning that even all smartphone selfie cameras use this same sensor. 

Ultra-wide-angle Camera

Next, we have the ultra-wide-angle lens. The ultra-wide-angle sensors have an increased field of view to capture a wider subject. While the primary rear wide-angle camera can capture 79-80 degrees of view, the ultra-wide-angle sensor captures 117-123 degrees of field of view. 

Depth Sensor

Depth Sensors are mostly found of 2 MP or 5 MP. This sensor is not used for shooting photos. Rather, it is used to collect data for use in computational photography and also helps in creating blur effects.

Telephoto Sensor

A telephoto lens can optically zoom into the subject without losing many details and sharpness. In the case of the wide-angle lens, only digitally zoom can be done using magnification tech. A high-tech telephoto lens can optically zoom and they have a longer focal length than too

Macro Lens

Finally, the last sensor on this list that is used in a smartphone is a macro less. A macro camera is useful only for close-up shots when you want to capture small details of the subject. A macro sensor can get as close as 4 cm to the subject. 

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