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I am writing this post because of years knowledge thanks to my family, teachers and each and every person I met. As knowledge is education, knowledge is experience, knowledge is learning and if I may say then knowledge is everything and hence ‘Knowledge is Great’.

So what exactly is knowledge? Well knowledge is facts, information, descriptions, or skills acquired through experience or education. I was blessed to have been sent to a convent for my schooling and then to a premier college for further studies. In the meanwhile, I acquired different skill-sets ranging from technology to photography thanks to my dual degrees. One in Journalism & Mass Communication and other one as Bachelor of Computer Applications. My idea of knowledge was to learn as much I could as the human brain can learn and adapt as much as you can feed it. There is no memory full message the comes in if you try to learn a lot or something new 😉

Always Seek Knowledge Acronym

As of now, I am a blogger, a communication expert, a coder, a photographer, a model and a digital consultant to many brands in India. I’ve spoken at forums on how we can leverage social media for social issues and how one’s knowledge can be used by thousands and millions of people. There is a saying in Hindi “GYAN batane se badhta hai” which means “Your ‘Knowledge’ increases if you share it”. It’s my constant endeavour to spread and share the knowledge I’ve gained over the years. There is no end to learning and by sharing your ideas and knowledge you get to know what else you can do better and how you can accomplish it.

Imagine if the world’s greatest visionaries and scientists like Einstein, Newton, Steve Jobs and many others were confined to a room and no chance to experiment, learn, interact. Would they still be so great without all the knowledge they gained. Greatness comes with Great knowledge!

Albert Einstein in a room

Similarly, I want to learn further, work for the best companies in the world and gain more knowledge. If I had a chance to study or learn further then I would love to go back to the United Kingdom. I was there for a few months and visiting place like Oxford, LSE, Stratford-upon-Avon (knowing the Shakespeare lived there) and other places made me feel that I need to add another feather to my cap and get an international exposure to myself.

Whilst my stay in England, I stayed in Manchester with my real brother who is a Brit(Lucky Lad) and when he used to be at work. I went to local universities like University of Manchester, University of Salford, Manchester Business School and Manchester Metropolitan University. I could have easily spent my time at the Trafford Centre or at Arndale but I chose to learn more about new things, about the UK and the history. I specially went to Stonehenge, so that I could help solve the mystery of Stonehenge but it’s still a mystery 😉

But I always want to return to the UK and learn and preach about Philanthropy. I want to use my existing knowledge to spread the word about it. Be it photography, modelling, setting up a website, creating conversation, spreading the word on social media or talking just about it, I want to do it all in my capacity. The reason I want to study philanthropy and not do a masters in Journalism or IT is because we have a lot of engineers, journalists and other  qualified professionals but not many to learn and preach about humanity, love, caring and to know what it is to be human.

Entrepreneur vs Philanthrophist

You can become a business tycoon or entrepreneur of the decade right now and then take to philanthropy in your retirement years. Or you can be the change and start contributing back to the society right away. I want to be the change right now for the present and the future generations to come. I abide by what Winston Churchill said “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”

we-make-a-living-by-what-we-get-but-we-make-a-life-by-what-we-give-3I searched for philanthropy courses in India and the results included only the list of top philanthropist etc but nothing to do with the courses. Therefore, I would like to study philanthropy at The Centre for Philanthropy, University of Kent, England.

In the end I would urge you all to see which field you want to study further in and not to worry about the funds or other things. Have a look at the Knowledge is Great website and get an idea on how you can study and gain knowledge further. Do not miss out on the following points:

  • There are 37o scholarships worth 1 million pounds to support Indian students who want to study in the UK
  • UK has a global satisfaction level of 97% for college students
  • How you can give an international accreditation to your resume
  • UK is home to 4 of the 6 top universities in the World
  • And lastly check what the alumnus has to say about education in UK
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