Samsung Electronics has strengthened its frost free refrigerators range with the addition of new models that are eco-friendly, stylishly designed and equipped with smart innovative technology. At the core of Samsung’s new refrigerator lineup is the advanced Digital Inverter Technology that gives consumers the flexibility and convenience needed to keep foods fresher for longer as well as operate on 20 percent less energy.

The new refrigerator models also offer other benefits such as the innovative Cool Pack that assists in preventing food from melting or getting spoilt during a power failure for upto nine hours and a Power Cool mode that gives faster cooling by 31% with a touch of a button. The Power Cool mode is available in 14 models this year.

Other clever built-in features include a Moist Fresh Zone that controls the air circulation to maintain optimal humidity; a Water Dispenser located at waist height for easier access to water; Ice Max to maximize space for ice; an ‘Easy Slide Out’ shelf specially designed to slide out to 170 mm enabling a more efficient organization; a Deodorizing Filter to filter unpleasant smell inside refrigerator and ergonomically designed front and side Recessed Handles for effortless opening. Samsung’s smart refrigerator range come fitted with the innovative LED Light System that illuminate refrigerator interiors brightly and saves power too.

“Consumers look for durability and performance when they purchase products such as refrigerators. The Digital Inverter Compressor Technology that we introduced addresses consumer needs better by operating on even Cooling and promising fresher food for a longer period.  Further, it reduces electricity bills by using less energy to operate and comes with a 10 year warranty,” said Mr. Rajeev Bhutani, Director, Consumer Electronics, Samsung India Electronics Pvt. Ltd.

One of the country’s most energy efficient refrigerator ranges, Samsung refrigerators offer enhanced durability, convenience and smarter energy savings. The Digital Inverter Compressor in the refrigerator utilizes a smart MICOM controller and five convenient RPM speeds, to make precise adjustments to the cooling performance thus maximizing freshness while delivering up to 20 percent more energy efficiency and significantly reducing noise. The compressor precisely adjusts cooling performance based on daily refrigerator use and temperature levels, both internal and external. These technologies maximize the freshness of food and reduce overall carbon dioxide production, a smart solution to reduce energy consumption while preserving the environment. The Digital Inverter Compressor (components) is warranted for a period of ten years from the date of purchase against defective materials.

With a strong compressor that can  operate in a stable manner despite high fluctuation of voltage (115V to 300V) even at 50℃, the new Digital Inverter Series eliminates the need of a separate stabilizer providing better energy efficiency while saving on space.

Given the increasing consumer preference for larger fridge space, the Series’ freezer to fridge ratio has been adjusted to give upto 77 percent bigger fridge space, while reducing unused space inside. The range also offers the convenience of a movable vegetable box, which can be raised to a desired height, lessening the inconvenience of bending to take out food. Both shelves can store up to 40kg of vegetable and fruit.

The range also offers a differentiated floral ‘Orcherry’ design in Peach Silver, Garnet Red, Coral White and Pebble Blue in addition to Real Stainless, Platinum Inox, Metal Graphite color patterns. With the launch of the new Frost free models, Samsung total Frost Free refrigerator range has 45 models in 255L to 555L capacity priced between Rs.20,100/- to Rs.209,000/-.

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