Gallery g, Bangalore’s renowned art gallery, will be part of the prestigious Bangalore Literature Festival 2014 with its show “Faces, Forces, Forms 2”, starting September 26, 2014. The show “Faces, Forces, Forms 2” will showcase the paintings of renowned artists Nitin Nangare, Sujith Kumar Mandya as well as sculptures by Tarun Maity and Suvajit Samanta at the Bangalore Literature Festival being held from Friday, 26th September till Sunday, 28th September at the Crowne Plaza, Electronics City.  This is the first time ever that an art gallery is being invited to be part of the Bangalore Literature Festival.

Nitin 3

Sharing her thoughts about being invited to be part of the Bangalore Lit Festival 2014, Gitanjali Maini, owner of Gallery g says, “We are extremely proud to associate with the Literature Festival- its an opportunity to honour the mutuality of art and literature, two of our primary creative expression. This event brings with it renowned art and literary lovers from all across the country and provides us an ideal platform to showcase work of our artists.”

Suvajit 1

She further added, “This is our first show outside our own space and has been specially curated for those who are attending the Bangalore Lit Fest from all over India and abroad. Consequently, it will show pieces that affirm India’s exciting contemporary status in world art. For this reason, the location in Electronic city is significant as it symbolizes our journey as a city that’s a world cultural destination.”

Suvajit 2

Faces Forces Forms 2 features works of Nitin Nangare, one of India’s most eminent painters.  His works at the show stays true to the theme of the show and its timelessness. He graduated at the top of his class in art in 1990 and proceeded to show his work in group as well as solo shows in India and abroad. He has been awarded the Bombay Art Society award as well as The Art Society of India award among many others.

Suvajit 4

The other renowned artist whose work will be displayed include Sujith Kumar Mandya. His canvases of bulls, surging and forceful, re-engineer the primeval regard for his representative of Bos Taurus Indicus.

Suvajit 5

The sculptures by Tarun Maity and Suvajit Samanta that will be showcased at the Bangalore Lit Fest have been curated by Janus Art Gallery, Kolkata. Tarun Maity works on wood, terracotta, bronze and ABS fiberglass. His portfolio is bold, experimental and switches between the realistic and the surreal. He names his sculptures to resonate semi-autobiographically and by rendering everyday objects in these materials. He challenges us to look again and question our assumptions through his works.

Suvajit 6

Suvajit Samanta works on steel, fibreglass and with metals like bronze. He is one among the existing artists who work on these products.  His figures are detailed, modern and directional even while they suggest a child’s take on what a grownup world might be where the storybook reality ends.

Tarun Maity- A Hoe Bronze

The exhibition will continue till Sunday, 28th September 11 am to 6 pm.  The exhibition will thereafter continue at Gallery g, Lavelle Road from September 29th onwards.

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