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Communication is everything! There are many mediums to communicate, like right now I am typing this blog to communicate with you all. The great thing about communicating is that you can find a newer way to communicate if you try hard and innovate. One such innovation, I witnessed recently was NoMyID – an app that enables its users to send email on any mobile number worldwide without knowing mail Id of the other user.

The mail can be sent to any mobile number irrespective of user or non-user. The app includes powerful email client including most common features. The app is available on Android and iOS and will be soon available on Windows platform as well. It offers a user to send messages/ images/ videos to contacts with live chat and push notifications.

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As a tech journalist, I used my privileges to speak to Mr. Aman Sikka, Chief Mentor for NoMyID and ask him about the app, the idea behind it and what next. Here is a excerpt from our conversation:

1) What was your vision behind NoMyID and are you happy with where its heading? 

Ans:  So many times I wanted to send important and informative emails to my colleagues, customers, and friends but due to unavailability of mail Ids it was not possible. I use to have mobile number available for everyone but email id not more than 10%. Same is the case with everyone. Then I thought of making a mobile app which will enable you to send email to any mobile number without knowing the mail id of receiver. Yes I am happy where it is heading!

2) How long has it been in the market for NoMyID. How are the numbers showing? Installer base and Active base.

Ans: We have completed testing phase in month of December. Total downloads are 4000 and active are 1000.

3)  What is your revenue model and are you thinking of any new avenues?

Ans: In future corporate like banks, Insurance companies, eCommerce companies will start using NoMyIDfor commutation with their customers. As of now they are doing communications on SMS or paper as email IDs are not available for all the customers. This will be very cost effective.

4) What next? Something new expected out of NoMyID stable?

Ans: In future App will give the option to send mails on land line number also.

By now you must be as inquisitive as I was to know how NoMyID works –

An Android or iOS phone user can download this application from respective app stores. After downloading the app and configuring it with his mobile number customer can send and receive mails to any mobile number.

For sending mails customer will go to mail and in “To” option he will select the name of contact. Number in that contact will automatically get converted into mail and mail will be sent to the number to App user. In case of non user SMS notification will go to customer with user ID (mobile number with country code), password and link to download app or check on webmail.

To understand it better, let’s have a look at this flowchart and watch the video –

Flowchat NoMyID

Now that you have got a hang of it and raring to go and try the magical app yourself. Here are the download links for your convenience:

  • Google Play Store Link:
  • Apple App store Link:
  • Webmail Link:
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