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Panasonic recently rolled out its new range of Wireless Video Intercom models, the VL-SW251BX and VL-SF70BX priced at Rs. 29,900 and Rs. 18,500 respectively. The models come with advanced features and ease of operation which play a major role in enhancing home security today. The need for full-time security in every residential property has become important and essential due to the increasing crime rate and unsafe environment.

The VL-SW251BX comes with a 5-inch wide screen to deliver crisp and clear images with the ability of recording up to 400 pictures at a time. [50 separate sessions: 1 session consists of 8 shots]. Its special voice changing function enables answering unwanted visitors by changing ones voice. The intercom call feature enables the main monitor station and the sub monitor station to transfer a door call using the same operation. While using sub monitor stations, one can make intercom calls between the sub monitor stations. Furthermore, the door station is equipped with LED lights [illumination lamp]. It enables the color display of visitors at a distance of about 50 cm at night.

The VL-SF70BX comes with a 7-inch wide monitor-  great for enhancing family security, this model can be easily installed anywhere at home. The picture recording function allows up to 50 images to be recorded at a time. It is enriched with a convenient base and hands free talking ability along with an intercom facility wherein if optional monitors are connected to the system, one can use a monitor to call other monitors.

In terms of value proposition, the company is looking at targeting the premium segment with the introduction of these two models. These are also very useful devices as it becomes more important for those who have kids and old age parents at home. Panasonic Video door phones give them the liberty to speak and see the visitor without actually letting them in the house. Delivering on its promise of providing innovative products, the new models by the company allow users to check visitors on the monitor without opening the door and respond promptly from anywhere at home or if the user is doing something else, by a wireless handset.

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