Magnum just turned a lazy Saturday into a delectable date with chocolate in New Delhi today. It was finally Delhi’s a taste of royal treatment with Magnum, one of the world’s leading premium ice-cream brands. The iconic ice cream, made with Pure Belgian Chocolate, is recognised as a symbol of royal treatment and remarkable pleasure. The impulse ice-cream brand will roll out in Delhi starting the 1st of March, 2015, giving consumers a chance to experience absolute indulgence.

Magnum held a Masterclass in the capital recently, hosted by Celebrity Chef Kunal Kapur, of Masterchef India fame. The Masterclass took chocolate aficionados on a Belgian chocolate trail like they have never known!

The Masterclass began with the Chef inviting the eager audience to try different types of Belgian chocolates -white, milk & dark, highlighting how each of them was different and then went on to detail how using different chocolates to coat different ice creams could change the entire experience. Chef Kunal Kapur also spoke about some interesting characteristics of Belgian Chocolate that made it special – like how Belgian Chocolate contains a minimum of 35% cocoa – one of the highest in the world, making it rich & indulgent. A key point that was brought to light was that the Belgian Chocolate coating on Magnum is specially designed to be thick, so much so that there is a ‘DISTINCTIVE CRACK’ when you bite into it!

The highpoint of the afternoon was the Masterchef designing his own Magnum using a variety of “Royal” looking Magnum topping options like edible gold, silver pearls etc. He then opened the floor to the audience, allowing them to design their own creations. The Magnums, designed with premium Royal toppings, were an indulgent and visual treat, highlighting the brand’s tagline – Enjoy the Royal Treatment! 

Magnum Sundae by Chef Kunal Kapur
Magnum-Falooda by Chef Kunal Kapur

Speaking about his experience, Chef Kunal Kapur said, “I feel elated to be a part of the Magnum family. The Magnum Masterclass is truly the most pleasurable and creative way to engage with audiences and induct them into the Magnum world. We indulged in some lip-smacking Magnum recipes that enticed our taste buds like never before.”

If you liked what chef Kunal Kapur created then you have to see what we created as a team. I now present to you – The Royal Indian Magnum –

Starting March 1, 2015, Magnum will be available in three delicious flavors – Classic, Almond and Chocolate Truffle in Delhi. Wrapped in the brand’s signature brown and golden packing, each bar of Magnum is priced at Rs.90/-.

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