Sennheiser launches #Cheer4India this World Cup


Description: C:\Users\prasadan\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.Outlook\GHK5P4HT\504 x 504_3-08 (3).jpgThis World cup season Sennheiser,  gives you more reasons to cheer vehemently for team India with the launch of their exciting new campaign called #Cheer4India. In the campaign, the company has followed a two pronged approach of a contest and content series. 

In the content series, the company has been sharing trivia around Indian cricket team and the records held by them thereby, asking people to #Cheer4India with them as team INDIA gears up to win the Cricket World Cup once again under M.S. Dhoni’s sound leadership. 

In the contest series, the company has been asking the community to #4cast (guess) the number of boundaries India will hit in the match next day and also share a situation where headphones helped save their match. The person who guesses the correct number of boundaries or is the closest and has shared the situation is eligible to win some exciting prizes.

On Sennheiser’s e-store, a discount equivalent to the number of boundaries hit by team India is being offered on the wireless headphones for 24 hours from the time India finishes its batting in the match. 

Participate in the exciting contest and avail discounts on the best Sennheiser headphones.

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