Sennheiser has launched all new sports range – MX 686 SPORTS, CX 686 SPORTS, PMX 686 SPORTS and OCX 686 SPORTS, the perfect amalgamation of sound, performance and ergonomic design for people passionate about sport. This new sports range is also winner of the prestigious Red Dot Award for Product Design 2015

Built with high-tech materials carefully selected to ensure comfort, water resistance, durability and hygiene, the new SPORTS headphones deliver energizing sound with an excellent fit. The oval-shaped cable ensures tangle-free listening experience and reduced cable noise. All models include an integrated smartphone remote and microphone that allows easy controlling of volume, tracks and calls while exercising.

Commenting on the launch Mr. Kapil Gulati, Director, Consumer Segment, Sennheiser, said “Our new SPORTS headphones have been built on Sennheiser’s passion for sound and insight into the impact and challenges of extreme movement on audio, comfort and fit – all of which guided the design and selection of materials. Like all great sporting achievements, its this fusion of technique and passion that delivers the ultimate performance- an energizing sound that helps one reach his own personal best“ 

Outdoor or indoor – different sports have different SPORTS

The SPORTS range comprises both open and closed acoustic designs to suit different activities. The MX 686 SPORTS and PMX 686 SPORTS feature open acoustics, allowing for a better awareness of external sounds that is ideal for outdoor pursuits such as running. Sennheiser has developed new adapters for the MX 686 SPORTS and a vertical in-ear design for the PMX 686 SPORTS that delivers a punchy bass while remaining acoustically open.

The MX 686 SPORTS features a classic earphone design and uses Sennheiser’s proven slide-to-fit ear-adapter for a customised secure fit and ensure high comfort as they have been made of silicone, while the PMX 686 SPORTS has a headband that offers additional security.

Meanwhile, the CX 686 Sports and OCX 686 SPORTS‘  closed ear-canal designs are perfect for indoor excersise as they shield out noise distractions in environment such as gyms.The CX 686 SPORTS has slide-to-fit ear-adapter for a customised secure fit and ensure high comfort as they have been made of silicone, whereas the OCX 686 SPORTS features a flexible earhook securing mechanism that is both comfortable and reduces cable noise.

From left to right: the MX 686 SPORTS, PMX 686 SPORTS, CX 686 SPORTS and the OCX 686 SPORTS.

Designed to perform under pressure

The proprietary Sennheiser transducers used on all models are acoustically fine-tuned to deliver the best sound performance without distortion even at high sound levels.

For the new SPORTS models, Sennheiser utilises the latest in material technology to make sure the headphones are lightweight yet durable and water resistant. The cables are para-aramid reinforced cable which offers superior strength and durability. Thesweat and water resistant mechanism conforms to the high standard with the IPX4 testing which ensures protection against splashing water. To complete the package, SteriTouch® anti-bacterial ear adapters and sleeves are included as a standard accessory, a material that maintains its hygienic qualities even over a lifetime of use and washes.

 “With the SPORTS range, particular focus has been placed on a rugged ergonomic design that conforms to the body whilst securing maximum freedom of movement. All new headsets feature reinforced, tangle-free oval cables, with cable sleeves that also reduce structure-borne noise”, said Kapil Gulati.

The MX 686 SPORTS and CX 686 SPORTS are optimized for Android smart devices. Additionally, the PMX 686 SPORTS and the OCX 686 SPORTS will come in two variants, optimised for either Apple iOS or to work with Android smart devices.

A protective, cushioned carrying pouch made of quick-drying and breathable fabric is supplied as standard to keep theheadphones safe when stored. 

Pricing and Availability

  • The MX 686 SPORTS  is priced at Rs. 4,990/- (Available in g versions)
  • The CX 686 SPORTS is priced at Rs. 4,990/- (Available in g versions)
  • The PMX 686 SPORTS is priced at Rs. 7,990/- (Available both in g and i versions)
  • The OCX 686 SPORTS is Rs. 7,990/- (Available both in g and i versions)
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