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Why is that we spend so much on things like gadgets and new technology but still don’t value them? Is it because upgrading to a new iPhone every year has become a habit and we don’t value the 600-700 quids we spend on it. Now this is just my example, but in a recent survey by The Independent “the average British woman spends more than £500,000 on fashion over a lifetime”. Now it would be a similar figure for blokes spending on gadgets, and hence the question do we value our possessions like we used to?

With that thought in mind, I decided to look around my house and analyse on how much I’ve spent on things like furniture, the 4K TV, the gaming consoles and its games, smartphones, tablets etc. You wouldn’t believe the estimated cost is of only a few things is upward of £100,000. No Kidding!

And that’s when I didn’t even include the jewellery and other luxe stuff. Can you imagine the total worth of belongings we have at our home? Is the Nest Cam that we installed enough for our belongings or do we undervalue our stuff?

As pictures speak better than words so let’s tour my belongings through pics:


And all this was just a section of the house, what about my iPad’s, iPod’s, GoPro, iMac, Windows Laptop, antiques and memorabilia collection? We never value these things, they are just lying around and we would never know if any of it go missing. And by the time we realise, something has gone missing it will be too late.

So what are we doing about it? As a recommendation, I’d urge you all check the value of your home contents, using this calculator. It will quickly and easily help you build a picture of how much cover you may need. So go ahead and thank us later 😉

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