Ford Sync 3

In 1908, when everyone was riding horse carriages. Henry Ford – the father of automobile built the Ford Model T, the most influential car of the 20th century. Now, its 2016 and Ford still leads the pack with its innovation and engineering prowess.


This week at MWC Shanghai, Ford will be announcing smart mobility solutions that it has built over time. The American auto-maker has been able to achieve it by launching various projects and experimenting with factors like analysing driver behaviour, testing autonomous vehicles etc. This projects have kept Ford ahead of the competition and at the same time helped them build better solutions for problems we face in our daily commute.

Ford finalised new features after conducting experiments all over the world that including connected vehicles, internet of things and autonomous driving capabilities. Here is a glimpse of how it analysed human behaviour –

The 113 year old auto-maker is taking a stride towards smart mobility services business by setting up a base in Silicon Valley closer to its tech competitors and potential partners. Ford partnered with Amazon in January, and you will soon witness how the cloud connected cars will solve day to day problems like better route management and advance allotment of parking spaces.


There is no denial that traffic snarls are a problem in most parts of the world. There are two types of traffic problems in world over –

  1. Too many cars in the urban areas
  2. Lack of infrastructure in the rural areas

Interestingly, both these problems can be sorted by what Ford has been working on – Smart Mobility. Here is how it works –

Ford Smart Mobility is an amalgamation of the following key areas –

  • Connectivity
  • Mobility
  • Autonomous Vehicles
  • Customer Experience
  • Data Analytics

Presently, Ford owners can use SYNC® Connect – allowing drivers to lock, unlock and locate their vehicle, and to schedule remote starts, check fuel level and much more via their app. Ford will take these solutions further this week at MWC Shanghai by unveiling the future of smart mobility.

The company is building an ecosystem of smarter connected cars, apps and devices that communicate with the car. With Smart Mobility, Ford wants the occupants to connect wirelessly with their vehicles to improve traffic flow and ease social ride sharing, renewable energy adoption, road usage, and smart parking. Ford has progressed from EV’s and Hybrid’s to create an ecosystem of Smart Mobility. Here is a sneak peak of what the not so distant future holds for us –

In the end, I’d like to say that we are fortunate to live in the era of smart mobility as the time and effort Ford is putting in this is not for just you and me, it’s for millions out there and the future generations. As a Ford owner, I am proud to see it as the front runner of smarter connected vehicles.

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