Google’s Fitness App Google Fit was announced at Google I/O 2014 and after 2  years the Google Fit app has got a new major update with Redesigned User Interface, Improved activity goals, configurable widget and more. An update to v1.57 has started rolling out and it may just be the start of a whole new Fitness App. There are huge changes to the look and at least a few changes to features.

Screenshot_20160629-154106  Screenshot_20160629-091238

The new features in Google Fit include

  • Huge visual overhaul
  • Timeline Viewho
  • Extensible goals
  • Configurable widget
  • New watchface and look on Android Wear

This update brings huge changes to the look of Google Fit. Everything looks more colorful, images fill the first screen, and there is more data and new charts filling the screen. Basically, everything looks different – but in a way, most of it is still familiar. Almost everything is still where it was before, so this update shouldn’t require much adjustment. They have also redesign the daily stats. They used to be hidden in the circular graph, so you had to tap or swipe to see each one. Now they are clearly shown across the top of the screen.

Screenshot_20160629-154123   Screenshot_20160629-160959

The Timeline screen can now Navigation Drawer as shown in the screenshot below. Pressing the Floating button on the bottom right of the screen give you 4 options Add Goal, Log your weight, Add Activity and Start Activity. You can add your own goals such as Take 1,000 steps, Activity for 30 mins etc, there is tonne of options available for different activities. You can log your weight regularly and keep track of your weight. You can Add and start your own Activity when ever you like with lots of options available in App.


Also now you can configure goals for different activities for specific times which is welcome update as earlier you could only set up basic goals. There is a new Android Wear watch face called Google Fit Today which adds your daily fitness stats to a decent watch face. It also gets a floating action button that you can press to start an activity. Google Fit also has some more options for its widgets. The old widget shows just your daily activity, but the new widget can show a graph for any of your current list of goals.


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