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Today, we have multiple options at our fingertips to consume content. More importantly, the quality of this content is such that we get eye opening experiences which ultimately expands our horizon. But old habits die hard, for we love to stick to the regulars – regular cuisine, regular clothes, and the regular movies & shows. More often than not we either watch select Indian shows or Western ones. What we don’t realize is that we are missing out on amazing cultural gems from the countries around us.

Yes, yes, that show about grown-ups drinking coffee is ah-mazing but let’s change directions for once, shall we?  Sit up, and look up, for you can couch surf while sitting right there on your couch. Car chases, political dramas, action and adventure – a big round check! And, that’s one way of describing the content of the continent you have left unexplored. Your local favorites are no doubt cool but you will be surprised to see that the Asian content is way cooler yet in many ways you will feel a sense of kinship. The question is whether you still want to remain within the fence or go exploring the Asian pastures. In this blessed month of August (read as the month of long weekends), let’s embark on a journey of personal discovery with Netflix – a one stop shop for diverse Asian content like no other. What’s even better is that you can do so without moving a finger!

Infographic - Asia Content Around the Continent

Indian All The Way

All good deeds should begin at home. Therefore before embarking on a heady exploration of the continent, you should check out the hot stuff churned out by the Indian film landscape. Irrespective of the genre, you name it, we have it. So mind it! When call of duty brought back the retired encounter man in Ab Tak Chappan 2,  drama is bound to happen. Speaking of drama, rom-com specialist Shahrukh Khan easily juggles multiple roles. One minute he is shooting off the bullets as Raees, and before you know he is helping Kaira untangle the knots of life and love in Dear Zindagi. If it is too much drama, then switch to Nila to get a glimpse of how complicated love can be.

nila on netflix

Korean Drama Ahoy!

Deny it as much as you want, but we all secretly love to devour the awesome content from Korea. And as a fan of Korean movies, you can’t afford to miss out the tale of an unlikely friendship that’s Okja. Mija loves Okja, and would never let anyone, not even a powerful MNC hurt her best friend. Equally enamoring is Snowpiercer, with its post-apocalyptic setting and a brewing revolution at the horizon.

snowpiercer korean on Netflix

A Taste of Taiwanese Brilliance

A true movie lover’s mark is that they are always open to exploring new avenues. Likewise, you can get a taste of Taiwan, courtesy Netflix. Friendships forged at a young age have a beauty of its own. It’s pure and innocent of the evils reigning in the world. But if you are wondering how far one can go to reunite with old friends, The New World can help you find an answer. Also, there is no fun like fun with friends. Add to it a dollop of mystery and scandal and you will find yourself relating to the bunch in Close your Eyes Before It’s Dark.

Close your Eyes Before It’s Dark Netflix

Japanese Fare on a Plate

All the talks of dieting and controlling food intake often makes one wonder – do we eat to live or should we live to eat? Well, if you watch Samurai Gourmet, you will see that Takeshi believes in the latter. For Takeshi, freedom is being able to get in touch with his inner warrior and rediscover his passion and love for food. And while we are on the topic of food, strangers have always been termed as a danger but at Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories, love for food is what connects strangers with each other.

Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories

A Chinese Affair

Not to stereotype but the Chinese know their martial arts well and have no qualms showcasing their skills on the big screen. A perfect blend of fantasy, adventure, and martial arts, watch Monk Comes Down the Mountain to catch the epic battle between a banished monk and an evil reincarnate. And how can any talk of martial arts be complete with Bruce Lee, for chrissakes! The Legend of Bruce Lee is your one stop shop for a glimpse of his amazing life and career.

The Legend of Bruce Lee

That’s quite a tour of the Asian mainland but if you hunker for more post this binge fest, worry not. There will always be something more for the movie lovers. Some Jackie Chan action maybe? Young Tiger should be a source of enjoyment for you – a taxi driver from Hong Kong zooming away from the gangsters chasing him. And end the tour with Waar, and watch how a retired intelligence officer comes to the rescue of his nation to thwart a looming terrorist attack.

Have a happy time enjoying these new finds!

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