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Since the inception of media (movies and TV) the industry has followed the same archaic way of making and sharing the content. Or for that matter, even the way they are rewarded has been done the same way since 1920’s, yes I’m referring to the Academy Awards that just took place.

LiveTree uses the power of the blockchain to reimagine the way film & TV content is made and delivered

The medium may have adapted to the new age digital media but the mechanics remain the same. From Pre-Production -> Production -> Post-Production to Distribution and Release. It is still the same for more than a century. Which made me wonder why hasn’t the process of filmmaking evolved over the time. And to my surprise, I got to know about this futuristic platform called LiveTree.

LiveTree uses the power of the blockchain to reimagine the way film & TV content is made and delivered. And it didn’t happen overnight, two years ago, they set out on a mission to democratise film and television content through the power of the audience, allowing them to fund the projects they believe in. Since then they built a unique socially responsible crowdfunding platform that captured 5% of the crowdfunding market share, becoming one of the UK’s leading platforms.

Before I go further, I’d want you to understand what Blockchain is? You can totally skip this paragraph if you are well versed in the technology or if you are Bitcoin millionaire. Simply put, by design, the blockchain is a decentralized technology. Anything that happens on it is a function of the network as a whole. Some important implications stem from this. By creating a new way to verify transactions aspects of traditional commerce could become unnecessary. Stock market trades become almost simultaneous on the blockchain, for instance — or it could make types of record keeping, like a land registry, fully public. And decentralization is already a reality. Decentralization means the network operates on a user-to-user (or peer-to-peer) basis. The forms of mass collaboration this makes possible are just beginning to be investigated.

LiveTree is making use of Blockchain to empower each one of us -


Now that you have got an idea of what Blockchain technology is all about. Here is how Blockchain is being used by LiveTree

  • Digital Rights management
  • Efficiently replace legal distribution contracts
  • Enables new funding methods
  • Own digital rights and earn from distribution

Now let’s have a look at how LiveTree is making use of Blockchain to empower each one of us –

  • A cut of the action – As a viewer, you earn from the content you watch
  • Join the cast – be a part of the production
  • You choose – give approval to the content you want to see on screen
  • Gamify, share & own – what you watch
  • Build a community-powered audience to remove gatekeepers and corporate censorship from the conception to the broadcast of your content

And as I mentioned earlier, LiveTree has been working for the past two years and here is how their roadmap looks like –

LiveTree - The future of entertainment is YOU

Right now, is the moment to be a trailblazer and get your own LiveTree Seed by simply visiting!/seed/?r=aace330023

Understanding LiveTree Seed (SED) Value Creation model

Fixed quantity with buy-back depletion model Seed (SED)

Three core revenue streams used to buy-back create demand for SED

1.Platform Fees

Charged on crowdfunding & distribution

2.Seed Projects – LiveTree TV & Film Originals

Projects funded by Seed.

3.Blossom TV

(SVOD) Subscription-based streaming service similar to Netflix
(AVOD) Advertiser-supported premium content streaming service
(PVOD) Pay-per-view content on demand
(PPVOD) Unique to Blossom, pre-pay for your favourite film & TV shows and earn when it hits the box office

So, let’s democratize TV & Film industry with LiveTree. If you have any queries or feedback then please leave a comment below or tweet to us @theunbiasedblog

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