Instagram Threads

Over the past couple of years, Instagram, the Facebook-owned company has gained millions of users across the globe, thanks to the ‘Stories’ feature. Since the Stories were introduced, Instagram has added several new features like Polls, Q&A, Stickers, Music, and much more. Now, the company has announced a new app for Instagram called Threads.

Threads from Instagram is a new camera-first messaging app that helps you stay connected to your close friends. In case you didn’t know, you can in the Instagram app, you can select a list of people who will be your close friends and when you’re posting a story, you can select it as a public post(visible to all followers) or only close friends who are in the list can see and interact. With Threads, one can share a photo or video with your close friends on Instagram quickly. It opens directly to the camera and allows you to add shortcuts, so you can share what you’re doing in just two taps.

Instagram Threads

You can share photos, videos, messages, Stories, and more with your Instagram close friends list. You can customize the experience around the people who matter most. One can use Threads to message those people on your Instagram close friends list and you’ll have a dedicated inbox and notifications just for them. If you don’t have a list set up yet, you can make one directly from Threads when you download the app. Messages from your close friends list will appear in both Threads and Direct.


Instagram Threads

You can choose from a suggested status (📚 Studying), create your own (😅 Procrastinating), or turn on Auto Status (🚗 On the move), which automatically shares little bits of context on where you are without giving away your coordinates. Only your close friends will see your status, and it’s completely opt-in.

Threads app now available for Android and iOS.



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