#ACTivate Learning

ACT Fibernet today announced the launch of its unique knowledge-sharing initiative #ACTivate Learning. As online learning has become increasingly predominant, there are growing concerns among parents with regard to content, learning, safety and screen time. Envisioning this need, ACT Fibernet unveiled its newest offering to provide a rich repository of resources at ease to enable children, teachers and parents to be connected and continue learning during this challenging time.

 #ACTivate Learning is a full-fledged platform that will empower parents and teachers to successfully navigate this new phase of learning from home at no additional cost. It will furnish a reliable content, effective online teaching techniques and tools that will help facilitate a rich, secure, and seamless learning experience for children in just a few clicks.

ACT Fibernet has also collaborated with leading industry experts who will share their insights across education, nutrition, mental health, cybersecurity, and other relevant topics through talks, blogs and interactive content on the portal. #ACTivate Learning will be available to the 1.7 million customers of ACT Fibernet across 19 cities the company has a presence in.

Additionally, ACT Fibernet will run a unique contest to recognise teachers who have meaningfully impacted the lives of their students. The two-week contest will unfold over email beginning 5th September wherein participants will have to share an anecdote of the teachers who have made a difference in their lives. The best entry will be awarded with free internet subscription for a year to both teacher and student.

#ACTivate Learning

Speaking on the launch, Ravi Karthik, Head Marketing ACT Fibernet said, “It has been our constant endeavour to empower our customers with the advantage of new offerings bundled with state-of-the-art features. This step towards e-learning is of utmost importance to us as we aim to share this with people across the country and build more mindful practices, share lessons and cultivate the habit of learning digitally. With the government’s push towards e-learning we hope, ACTivate Learning will help accelerate and embolden education for children, teachers and parents. 

On the sidelines, through the contest, we wish to express our heartfelt gratitude to all the teachers who have constantly guided and motivated us. We hope that this platform will make a difference to them, as they have to us.” he further added.

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