Apple has constantly had great value in the auction market, there is a lot of Apple-related stuff like retail signs that are being sold at a huge amount in the auctions. Well, there is a recent example as well, where we saw a rare Apple-1 computer signed by Steve Wozniak sell for about $50,000.

But this time, it’s an almost 50 years old handwritten, and even a signed job application, that was written by Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple. This rare piece of paper would be up for auction, at Charterfields and would be available to buy for a month. We have got no information about the base price, we can expect it to be somewhere around the $175,000 mark. As the auctioneer confirmed that it was sold for $175,000 back in the 2018 auction. So, this could again be sold, and this time at an even higher price, when compared to the last time.

The Job Application itself is in good condition but with slight creasing and also an old clear tape at the top corner. While there are no details of either the role for which he was applying or the company, but it does indicate that it was a computing offer. The letter highlights, Steve Jobs’ experience with “computers and calculators” and penned “electronic tech or design engineer” under the Special Abilities section.

The description stated the following, “The questionnaire is believed to have been completed around the time he dropped out of Reed College in Portland, Oregon. A year later he joined Atari as a technician where he worked with Steve Wozniak before they founded Apple in 1976.” 

The photo of the letter is down below, for the reader to have a better overview of the topic-

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