Vi has announced Unlimited high-speed Night-time Data which implies that users would be able to use the internet without any restrictions. Even at no extra cost, for its prepaid customers from 12:00 am to 6:00 am on all Vi Unlimited Recharges of INR 249 and above.

The mobile network has become one very vital aspect for people in this pandemic. Vi is offering bonus unlimited high-speed night-time data that will facilitate Vi customers to get a lot more out of life and their time. Vi prepaid customers would be eligible to get unlimited data, after a long day, to connect with loved ones over long video calls. Or even schedule downloads without worrying about exhausting their daily data quota.

The customers would also be able to enjoy Weekend Data Rollover benefits. On all existing Unlimited daily data quota packs of INR 249 and above. This would allow users to not just enjoy late-night surfing on the net but also carry forward their un-utilized data from the daily quota during the week. So they could use it during the weekend.

The Unlimited high-speed can also be used at Night-time, which means Data can be used by Vi customers. To browse and download a variety of content from various OTT applications, as well as Vi Movies and TV App. That allows users to give access to over 9500+ movies, in 13 different languages, 400+ live TV channels. Along with a huge catalog of original web series and International TV Shows across all genres.

Well with that said, do let us know your opinions on this new offer by Vi, by dropping a comment down below.

Madhav is a Tech Enthusiast and a Gamer. He also writes for The Automotive Blog, where he covers Auto related news.