Use of tech at workplace

When you properly utilise different forms of technology, you may be able to cut down on the number of processes that you need to undertake, as well as the time it takes to complete them. For some members of staff, using technology may be fairly simple, especially if they use similar equipment in their personal lives. For those who are older, or have yet to gain significant experience, there may be a sharp learning curve that they will need to follow.

Useful Software

Software, when used correctly, can really help to cut down on what an employee needs to do, as well as the different systems they may have originally used to complete their work. There will be a number of features of effective HR software that will prove its use to your human resources team. These can include offering a self-service option, meaning employees may be able to manage their own absence, holiday requests, and personal detail changes, without needing to rely so heavily on your HR team. This means that they will then be freed up significantly, allowing them to focus on the other aspects of their role.


Having a mobile function of software can also prove to be useful, allowing you to see what is going on, and for employees to manage themselves, even when out of the office, or during their personal time if needed.

Training on Technology

Whether you have employees who already know how to work with different pieces of technology or those who struggle, a well-rounded training session can prove to be useful. Older people, in particular, may struggle with technology, especially those who haven’t used it often or are more ingrained in the old processes of working. By training all staff on the systems and software used at your company, this removes the likelihood of any one individual being pinpointed as a weaker member of the team. Even for those who are more adept, refresher training can help them to improve their skills and build upon their existing working knowledge.

Communication Tasks

Whether you use traditional or technological methods to complete tasks may depend on how they will be used, as well as for what the job entails. Something as simple as relaying simple information to members of the team may be better achieved by sending an email or using workplace instant messaging, as this can save time both for yourself, and for the other members of your team. However, when it comes to explaining things in more depth, important information that needs to be relayed, or discussing issues of a personal nature, it may then be wiser to stick to a traditional, face to face meeting so that you can ensure you have been correctly understood.

While technology can improve some areas of work, there may still be times where meetings in person, or even pen and paper, are desirable. By training your team to use both methods, you will be less likely to experience more difficulties within the workplace.

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