Download Asus Zenfone 8 Stock Wallpapers of the Zenfone 8 series are soon going to be launch in the global market soon. But, here we have got our hands on all of the stock wallpapers that the Zenfone 8 series would come with.

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The Google Drive link for all wallpapers are mentioned so that users can easily download all the wallpapers-

Google Drive link

All the users can download these wallpapers from this direct download link that is mentioned above in full quality. We have also attached some screenshots of these wallpapers below for a better overview-


The Asus Zenfone 8 series Stock wallpapers are a total of 14 great wallpapers that look beautiful on any home screen setup. All the 14 wallpapers consist of a mix of different images. These images include scenery like Mountains, rivers and more. There is even a wallpaper that signifies the number 8. This number 8 wallpaper could be the default wallpaper that means as soon as users would open their new Zenfone 8 phone, they would be greeted by this wallpaper.

Before downloading all these wallpapers, you can check out the preview of all the wallpapers as we have attached all the wallpapers below-

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