Vivo extends the product warranty for its consumers in lockdown regions. With the surge in covid cases due to the second wave of COVID-19 and many states imposing lockdowns, consumers and businesses are getting affected pan India.

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  • Warranty period extended by 30 days in all lockdown imposed areas
  • The extension is applicable on all Vivo devices

The policy will ensure the extension of the replacement period by 30 days. This is calculated from the day when the service centre resumes their services. This policy will address concerns of all those who cannot visit a service centre to avail service due to lockdown and ensure the safety of all retailers and consumers. Alongside this, Vivo has also announced a free-of-cost handset pick-and-drop service for customers depending upon the current situation of the state.

Recently Vivo India also announced aid worth INR 10 crores to extend support for COVID relief efforts. Even last year, Vivo had donated over 9 lakh masks, 15,000 PPE suits, and 50,000 litres of sanitiser to the state and central government agencies.

Vivo has launched a lot of devices this year too, this includes the Vivo X60 series of phones and also the Vivo V21 that comes with a 44MP OIS Selfie camera too. We already have reviewed both the Vivo X60 Pro and the X60 Pro Plus. So the links for both the reviews are mentioned below so that the readers get a better overview of the topic.

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