BMW X1 2016

BMW has recently unveiled the new BMW X1 at the Auto Expo 2016.

While we will give you a minute to go over how menacing it looks in the image next to Mr. Philipp von Sahr, President, BMW Group India, having seen it in person, it is no different in flesh and blood.

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Versatile and Dynamic in equal measure, it brings an agile design with a compact form to life without compromising on flexibility or space in both the front row and the rear.

The all-new BMW X1 is available in three exclusive design schemes – Expedition, xLine and M Sport. xLine places the car’s robust and versatile character at centre stage whereas the M Sport model bestows masculine character distinguishing itself as an elite sports model.

With all the add ons and visual accents to the new generation model, the X1 looks killer as hell. Some of our favourites that stood out in our meeting with the smaller beast of the X family:

Panoramic Glass Roof

BMW X1 2016

Ushering in loads of light, the roof is huge and allow for a more ambient feeling. A roller sunblind can be used if in case the sun is too bright. The slide and lift functions allow various ventilating options. Also, there is a wind deflector now that ensure lesser drag when the roof is open.

Best in class cargo space

BMW X1 2016

While the rear of the car gives you 56 cms to stretch out your legs, the exceptional comfort of the X1 starts even before you sit on the driver’s seat. Behind the wide opening tailgate, is a generous luggage space at a convenient height. Bulky skis and bicycles can easily be loaded, once the seats and armrests are folded

Ambient Lights in the front and rear

BMW X1 2016

Dim amber colored hue lights in the front and rear of the car light up your surroundings so you see everything in the dark.

Also, available in the M Sports package now, the all new X1 should be one car to watch out for in the Indian Market.

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