OnePlus’s Oxygen OS is probably one of the best Android skin out in the market. The Oxygen is simple, fast, and comes with a lot of customizable features that are really useful for the users. The Oxygen OS got some really cool feature during the OnePlus 7 Series smartphone launch. Now, OnePlus has now listed out all the new Oxygen OS features that will be arriving to the older OnePlus devices – OnePlus 5/5T/6/6T.

Fnatic Mode

For all the gamers out there, the dedicated mode called “Fnatic Mode” will optimize CPU and improve the gaming experience. The mode offers excellent performance when playing multiplayer games online and the device will perform at its peak by boosting CPU performance and network speed.

Zen Mode

Zen Mode will provide you with 20 minutes where you can simply enjoy your surroundings without any distractions. Zen Mode lets you do only three tasks for 20 minutes like Make an emergency call and click a photo.

Screen Recorder

With the in-built screen recorder, you can easily record that perfect game run and save your own record. Or use this feature to make a video tutorial and share your thoughts with others. Now, you can record with high quality, internal sound included, perfectly synchronized.​

Quick reply in landscape

This feature has been part of the Open Beta builds for OnePlus 5/5T/6//6T. While watching the video or playing games in landscape mode, it is more convenient to reply to messages on the go without having to stop what you’re doing and then resuming. The best part of this feature is, it works even with the apps which don’t have split screen support like Hotstar. 

DC dimming

This is an alternative method to adjust the screen brightness, by changing the circuit power of the screen. When enabled, it will reduce screen flickers at low brightness, but may lead to abnormal colors being displayed in some cases. This feature will first come to Open Beta builds and later to stable builds.
RAM Boost
With the new RAM boost feature, apps and games faster by Increasing RAM utilization according to your usage. RAM Boost can predict apps you want to launch and data you want to load, thus taking full advantage of the available RAM to speed up your phone’s performance. Currently, OnePlus 6 and 6T have the Smart Boost function and will upgrade to RAM Boost in future updates. The OnePlus 5 and 5T will also support this feature.

Android Q update

OnePlus also announced that Android Q will also make its way to the OnePlus 5 and 5T. Already the OnePlus 7 Pro, 6T, and 6 are having support got Android Q Developer Preview. There is no ETAs for the official Android Q update yet.

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