I have already written in detail about how the LG G8X Thinq is the ultimate productivity tool and how it helped during the lockdown. You can read about it here –

LG G8X Thinq – The Master of Omni-Tasking

Today, I want to share all the dual-screen use case scenarios in detail that made me more productive. Starting with the cover display that made me open or unlocks a lot lesser than I would on a regular smartphone. And you would agree that unlocking your smartphone just to check the time leads to checking the notifications and ultimately endless scrolling on social media. But thanks to the cover display on the LG G8x Thinq I never had to worry about that.

Moving on to the optimal usage for productive use of the dual displays on this smartphone. The LG 8X Thinq not only gives you dual display as hardware but also has made great optimizations to the software to make use of it in the best possible way. There are several modes like – Multitasking Mode, Extended View, and Wide View.

As the name suggests, in multitasking mode users can multitask by opening two different apps on the screens and work simultaneously by opening two apps at once. And similarly, in extended view mode users can two screens at once for that extended view. And lastly, the wide view allows users to open one app on both screens by displaying content across two screens.

Now that you have understood what these modes do. I’d recommend the following use case scenarios for Multitasking Mode, Extended View, and Wide-View

In Multitasking Mode, you can take notes while watching a video or reading the news. You can tweet and listen to a podcast; navigate and watch a movie at the same time (perfect for those cab rides). The list is practically endless thanks to the option of opening all the app in either of the screens making it the perfect multitasking device.

Now talking about the Extended View mode, users can see a selected photo or video on one screen while displaying the entire media gallery on the other. Shop on one screen and compare pricing on the other before ordering. In this mode also there are so many use case scenarios that you can mix and match to get the best out of your device.

Lastly, the Wide Views lets users access apps across both screens like email on both screens. Users can read long emails on both screens or use one screen for the keypad to compose the email and the other for the previewing the email as you type it. Same can be done with Maps, Music, YouTube, News, E-books and so many more apps.

So, these were the list of apps and there use case scenarios in Multitasking Mode, Extended View, and Wide-View on the LG G8X Thinq. If you have more such usage patterns in any of the modes that LG G8X Thinq has then do let us know in the comments section below or tweet to us @theunbiasedblog.

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