Instagram had announced Reels, which was actually a version for Tiktok. It gained a lot of attention as it was a short video platform, however, it was missing one feature which was Duets. But finally, Instagram today introduces Remix in Reels for creating Reels with other people.

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The new Remix feature for Reels is actually a very creative tool. It allows users to engage with other creators and participate in trends on Instagram by creating their own reel alongside an existing reel. With this feature, they can respond to their friends and fans, capture their reaction to the latest trend or even remix themselves.

With this feature, users can add a voiceover when using Remix, which allows them to add fun commentary or react using voice. Once the user is done recording, they can use remix, tap the microphone icon to add a voiceover. Users can also control and adjust the volume for their original audio, added music, and voiceover. After the recording is done, tapping on the slider icon will complete the recording and then the audio edit controls would be available to use.

According to Instagram, Reels from public accounts posted after March 31 will automatically have Remix enabled. However, if you haven’t got the feature then you can enable remixing on all of your past reels.
To enable Remix on your reel, tap the three-dot menu and then tap “Enable Remixing.”

There is an option to disable Remix as well, which can be done by navigating to the three-dot menu
and tap “Disable Remixing.” That will then disable the Remix from Reels.

Instagram has also created a guide on the same, so the link for it is mentioned below-

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