Here’s how you can stay connected with your friends on Twitter #FriendshipDay

A house party, an impromptu road trip, a birthday celebration, or just a lazy weekend – friends make even the most mundane moments memorable. While everyday hustle, different life choices, and over the past year – social distancing – have kept us from physically coming together with friends, Twitter lets one stay connected at all times. Twitter is where people come to have conversations, and oftentimes, they end up making everlasting connections with strangers. Let’s take a look at some of the Twitter features this #FriendshipDay, that let you stay connected with your friends, all-day, every day.

  • Twitter Spaces: Twitter’s newest audio offering, Spaces, let you come together to have live conversations with voice. Voice allows for a nuanced and intimacy that’s often lost in text, making the conversation feel more personal, and allowing for more authentic, real expression. If you could be in your living room while watching a group-favourite movie, discuss it live with your friends through voice, hear them laugh at your jokes, and also react with emojis to the things they’re saying – wouldn’t you want to make the most of it? We would.
  • Voice DMs: Twitter also offers the ability to send voice messages via DMs for you to have personalised conversations with the intimacy of voice. So if you have some big news to share with your friend in another time zone, just want to say hello, or need a reminder of what they sound like – slide into their Twitter DMs.

Twitter this #FriendshipDay

  • Conversation Settings: Last year, Twitter introduced new Conversation Settings to let people have more control over the conversations they were starting on Twitter. The feature lets you choose who can reply to your Tweets from three options – everyone, only people you follow or only people you mention. With Conversation Settings, you can have closed conversations with your friends – engage in banter, discuss the newest hot-topic, or the latest match from your favourite sport – without anyone interrupting the conversation. Recently, Twitter also enabled the ability to change Conversation Settings after starting the conversation.
  • Twitter Lists: We all have our own set of favourite accounts on Twitter, and won’t we love to share them with our friends? Twitter’s Lists feature allows you to put together a list of your favourite accounts and follow Tweets from these accounts as a separate timeline. With Lists, you can share your favourite fitness accounts, or those of your favourite gamers, with your friends. Moreover, with Twitter Lists, you can create a customised timeline of Tweets from just your group of friends – just make a list with all of your friends’ accounts, and voila!

So do let us know your ways of staying connected with friends on Twitter this #FriendshipDay. You can leave a comment below or tweet to us @theunbiasedblog

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