So if you still haven't attended a visual Today at Apple session then simply head to - and simply find a session that interests you.

Today At Apple sessions have become a healthy habit for me, my Apple Watch would approve 🙂

And I like the fact that my calendar is filled with Today at Apple virtual sessions. These interactive virtual sessions are a reminder of how important it is to socialize, collaborate and do something fun and creative. Hence, I’d like to thank Apple for keeping it going even if it is from a small studio or a room. And this last session with the French Artist Tyrsa was no exception.

The host from Apple, Harriet started the session from her cosy apartment in England and introduced us all to the man himself, Tyrsa. He then shared his journey and showcased his work.

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I really liked what he has done for the French football team with Nike. And being a Football enthusiast himself, his love for Ted Lasso was quite evident during the session.

But what really moved me was what he did with World Food Programme using his special calligraphy skills. Tyrsa, teamed up with a Swedish typographer to design 50 tattoos for the World Food Programme’s campaign. 50 names were tattoed on footballer Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s body out of the 805 million people suffering from hunger around the world in 2015.

Tyrsa - Today at Apple

Being a creative person, he has also worked with a pastry chef and now wants to collaborate with an architect and use a building as a large canvas. 

He believes collaboration helps two minds, two viewpoints come together and create something great. I couldn’t agree more and loved every bit of my first interactive Today At Apple session. The fact that we all were guided by Tysra, and got a chance to use our favourite Ted Lasso quote and then share our creative art and ask questions to Tyrsa made the session even more memorable. 

I was elated as my work was featured during the session and folks at Apple and Tysra shared their valuable feedback with me.

Ted Lasso Fan Art session with Tyrsa - Today at Apple

Honestly, I have started using Procreate even more after the session as it inspired me to do better before the next creative Today at Apple session takes place.

Nikhil Chawla - Ted Lasso Fan Art session with Tyrsa - Today at Apple

I even asked Tysra how the Apple ecosystem helps him bring out his best and he shared all the intricate details. I asked him –

How does the Apple Ecosystem help you? For instance, I used the iPad Pro to create the artwork, then AirDropped it on my Mac to submit my artwork while I take this call from my iPhone 🙂 

Ted Lasso Fan Art session with Tyrsa - Today at Apple

All in all, it was yet another great session and I’d like to thank each and every member of the team that makes these sessions a reality. A heartfelt thank you to Tara, Tom, Rhonda and Katie for interpreting the entire session.

So if you still haven’t attended a visual Today at Apple session then simply head to – and simply find a session that interests you. Alternatively, you can follow @apple, @theunbiasedblog or me @nikhilchawla on Twitter to get the latest updates about Apple.

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